VWflow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform for audiovisual content which allows companies to streamline all aspects of their online video presence. It comprises a customizable media player, a set of API’s and a multi-user Video Management System allowing companies to administer their image, audio and video assets. Its interactive components, responsive design and fine-grained access control ensure a seamless integration into any multiscreen environment.

As corporate communications have become more complex, an ever growing number of people and business units are involved in the creation and distribution of audiovisual content. VWflow allows you to translate these complex organizational structures in clearly defined sets of rules and permissions.

Through workfow profiles an organization can map tasks and responsibilities in creating and managing video content to the right staff members and departments (editing and approval, metadata enrichment, publication, player selection, ad insertion, archival…). The successful completion of a task will trigger new actions and notifications until the workflow is completed.

The built-in live streaming manager gives you the tools to independently go on air whenever news events call for it, without losing valuable time with technical details. Automated recording means your livestream can be published for on demand playback immediately after your live broadcast has ended. Our advanced analytics, dynamic playlists and custom metadata will help you to monetize your content, extend your reach and optimize user engagement.


Live and On-Demand Streaming

Realtime transcoding and adaptive streaming technology will provide your audience with the best possible viewing experience on any device or platform.


Interactive Video Player

Transparently add videos, live events and playlists to your site: changes will be reflected automatically in the player, without changing the embed code. Enrich your video with clickable, interactive layers.


Design Your Personal Workflows

Ingest, edit, enrich, publish, share, archive... Boost efficiency by translating business processes into automated actions, rules and permissions.


Produce Live Events

We can manage the complete delivery including video production, or you use the VWflow live event manager to run your livestreams autonomously .


Control Access to your Assets

Determine who gets to see what, where and when! Keep videos private, limit access based on the parent site or viewer location, and schedule publication date and time.


Multi-User Collaboration

Role based permissions provide a fine grained tool to involve multiple users with different responsibilities in the media management and publishing process.


Share and Export Your Videos

Use 3rd party services as part of your workflow: push videos to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and keep your metadata in sync, or send your source files to Amazon S3 and/or Glacier for archival.


Measure Viewer Engagement

The dashboard provides realtime analytics for live and on-demand video and detailed insights into how, where and when your audience consumes content.


Seamless Integration

VWflow can be easily integrated into any multiscreen environment, thanks to our APIs, workflow hooks, and overall responsive design. Our support team is happy to help.